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Digitizing the Biology Collection of the Science Museum of Minnesota

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Catherine Early


Science Museum of Minnesota


Help us digitize our 170,000 plant and animal specimens from around the world!

Our Biology Department studies and shares the incredible diversity of life found on our planet. From rare bugs to snake skins to local birds and more, it’s truly astounding to see the many forms nature takes. The museum’s biology collection boasts over 170,000 specimens from around the globe including the largest collection of mammals in Minnesota and even a two-headed snapping turtle with quite a history.

Geographic Scope

Global, with a focus on the Upper Midwest of the United States, especially Minnesota

Taxonomic Scope

birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, plants, mosses, molluscs, arthropods

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Online transcription of herbarium specimen labels at Notes from Nature (notesfromnature.org)


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Bird Osteology

Help us transcribe the labels for our bird skeleton collection!

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