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Cambrian Fossils

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Gary Motz


Indiana University Paleontology Collection


Center for Biological Research Collections, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana Geological and Water Survey

Funding Source

Office of the Vice Provost for Research, College of Arts and Sciences, Institute of Museum and Library Services


More trilobites and some Burgess Shale beauties!

Help us to transcribe the labels from our collection of Cambrian fossils! We have many trilobites from the western part of North America (especially Montana and British Columbia) and some exemplary fossils from the Burgess Shale!

Geographic Scope

western North America

Taxonomic Scope

mostly trilobites

Temporal Scope


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2 Expeditions 3210 Digitizations 216 Participants

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Cambrian Fossils

More trilobites and some Burgess Shale beauties!

3210 Digitizations

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