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Botanical Miscellany Spanning Time and Space

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Herrick Brown


A.C. Moore Herbarium (USCH)


Pictures worth a thousand words - give or take a few. Specimen images without any data.

This literally is a grab-bag of specimens, which for no particular reason, were imaged without any metadata captured other than the barcode. O.K., that's not entirely true.  There are a the Magic Seven that somehow have a little metadata associated with them, but really we want your help to add more information to these records.  The 903 specimen images associated with this expedition represent relatively recent (i.e. 20th century) collections as well as some historic specimens from the 19th century associated with the Henry William Ravenel Collection of Converse College (yes, we curate that collection at USC). We are asking that you provide only the metadata associated with the original specimen label, but please let us know if you see any subsequent annotation labels.  Some labels will be typed others handwritten, and if you're lucky enough to get a Ravenel specimen we will sing your praises if you can successfully transcribe it! Often Ravenel's 'chicken scratch' is barely legible, but it's always brief. Some examples of a typical Ravenel habitat description might include phrases such as "stiff soils" or "damp pine lands", and he often gave dates as "July '85" (this would be July 1885 of course). You can usually tell if you're dealing with a Ravenel specimen as the barcode will begin with HWR, whereas more modern specimen barcode labels will begin with USCH. Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions!

Geographic Scope

Mostly South Carolina material

Taxonomic Scope

A variety of vascular plant species

Temporal Scope

1800's - 1900's

Language Skills Required

some Latin, English


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Botanical Miscellany Spanning Time and Space

Pictures worth a thousand words - give or take a few. Specimen images without any data.

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