NLU Ferns

Ferns and lycophytes from the R. Dale Thomas Plant Collection at BRIT

Ferns and lycophytes abound in the R. Dale Thomas Plant Collection, originally housed at Northern Louisiana University (NLU) and now cared for at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT). Please help us share these treasures from Louisiana and beyond with the world by transcribing their labels–you just might encounter specimens from Dr. Thomas’ specialty group, the adder’s-tongue ferns (Ophioglossum).

How to Participate

This project has the following active expeditions:

Expeditions % Complete Join In
Dr. T’s Ferntastic Collection: 1st Expedition   100.00% Notes From Nature V2  
Dr. T’s Ferntastic Collection: 2nd Expedition   50.93% Notes From Nature V2  
Botanical Research Institute of Texas 
Jason Best 
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Director of Biodiversity Informatics 
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20th and 21st century 
Louisiana, Fern 

Heat Map of Collection Location of Transcribed Specimens